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Longevity Card

Longevity Organics.

Our journey began when founders, Alexander and James, witnessed the life-changing transformation of cannabidiol for themselves. They discovered that this simple phytochemical from the hemp plant could radically improve wellbeing in ways that mainstream approaches could not. The benefits for both body and mind were extraordinary.

Longevity Organics takes a different approach to CBD. We believe in working with nature, not against it. That’s why all of our products are fully vegan. No animals were exploited during their development.

Longevity Card

Making mobile banking experience easier and safer for people of all ages by developing new financial products, Longevity card is designed for users who are planning to live extra long lives and want to remain high functioning and financially stable throughout.

AI-powered mHealth integration, which will analyze your daily fitness activity, nutrition, and many other parameters, providing you with personalized health tips, and rewarding you in response to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.