CBD oil has surged popularity worldwide. It provides various health and wellness benefits. CBD oil is not only useful for humans but also for pets. It does not make you high because there are no THC compounds present in CBD. Several studies have found out the effectiveness of using CBD oil for animals.

Types of CBD products for pets:

CBD products for pets are available in various forms. Some of them are listed below (1):

1.    Tinctures:

Tinctures are the oral dosage of CBD. They are available in oil form. Tinctures are usually supplied in a spray bottle. And you can simply put a dose under your pet’s tongue with the help of the dropper. When CBD products are given sublingually, it gets absorbed in your pet’s mucosa. Whereas, when given in other forms, it gets mixed with your pet’s blood directly.

2.    Edibles:

Taste buds are common in both humans and pets. When CBD is given in the edible form, it is digested normally by your pets. They have a similar dosing mechanism like humans.

3.    Topical Application:

CBD is available in topical forms such as creams, lotions, and balms, etc. You can simply brush the cream or lotion into your pet’s furs and observe its effect on them. This works wonder when you get to know which skin condition can be treated well by using CBD.

Significant benefits of using CBD for pets:

All living creatures have an endo-cannabinoid system that keeps their body in a state of homeostasis and balance. This means that your pets also have this same mechanism. And they can also experience the same benefits of using CBD as you would. Some of the potential benefits of using CBD in pets are as follow (2):

1.    Treating Seizures:

According to a study published in Pubmed central, conducted by Evan C. Rosenberg, Richard W. Tsien, Benjamin J. Whalley, and Orrin Devinsky, it was stated that,

“CBD helps in reducing the number and intensity of seizures in pets. Moreover, it also helps to get rid of the neurotoxicity that causes seizures.”

Due to hereditary illness, about 1-5% of puppies experience seizures. Moreover, about 3% of dogs are also affected by idiopathic epilepsy. And for this purpose, CBD has proven to be effective.

In the American Animal Hospital Association, it was stated that (3),

“When CBD is ingested in a dog, their dopamine levels are raised, and all the pain is relieved. “

2.    Relieves pain:

Animals also suffer from inflammation and joint pain. CBD is known to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat this inflammation. Animals are unable to communicate and tell you about their problems. Therefore, you can notice that in their movements. According to data collected by studying various researches, it was concluded that the association of CBD with CB1 receptors helps to relieve chronic pain and inflammations in dogs and felines.

3.    Anxiety disorders:

In a JAHVMA survey, it was reported by 49% of dog owners that CBD was effective in treating anxiety disorders in their dogs. CBD has a calming effect that helps your pet to cope up with separation anxiety. You can give a dose of CBD daily to your pets to ensure that they remain calm. (3)

According to convincing and anecdotal research, it was stated that CBD causes an anxiolytic effect, and this effect is associated with a decrease in subjective anxiety. (2)

In 2015, research was conducted by the US and Spanish researchers on the effects of CBD on anxiety reduction. In this study, the subjects were mice and rats. It was observed that CBD induces an anti-anxiety effect in these pets. CBD enhances the growth of new cells in the hippocampus. Therefore, when cells are regenerated, they help to combat anxiety. (2)

4.    Treats Nausea:

A study was published in 2011 in the American Veterinary Medical Association; it was stated that CBD has proven to be effective in treating nausea in animals. CBD, when combined with endocannabinoid receptors, fight with this condition effectively. (2)

5.    Combats Cancer:

CBD is effective in treating canine cancer in animals. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, it was revealed that CBD had been used in animals to treat various diseases. It helps to combat the symptoms of chronic pain, seizures, and tumors related issues. Many studies have found out that CBD can stop the growth of cancer cells. It also helps to combat the side-effects caused by cancer-related medications and therapies. (2)

6.    Treats Arthritis:

According to a study published in 2018 in the Frontiers of Pharmacology, dogs with osteoarthritis were given 2mg/ml/kg dosage of CBD twice a day for one month. It was concluded that the dogs that were given CBD showed significant improvement. Their pain was cured to a greater extent, and they appeared to be more active physically. (3)

Things to consider when choosing CBD products for your pets:

Always make sure that the CBD product that you are buying for your pet is 100% Organic and does not have any THC content in it. Because the CBD products that have a high content of THC in them can have an adverse effect on your pet’s health.

The researchers recommend that the oral dosage of CBD has proven to be more beneficial for pets. The over-dosage of CBD can cause potential harm in your pets. So, you should always consult a veterinary expert before using any CBD product on your pets.


CBD is beneficial for both humans and pets. Starting your pets on CBD is an easy process. You need to do proper research before opting for a certain CBD product for your pet because any wrong product can have lethal consequences. Always start with a low dosage to look for any sign of adverse reaction and discontinue use if there are any. Remember that every pet has a different tolerance capacity. Therefore, consulting with a veterinary expert is equally essential in this case.


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